Embedded System and Robotic with Internet of Thing (IOT)

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Prateek Mishra
Co-Founder & Chief of TechSim+
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Embedded System and IOT


  • Lectures 15
  • Duration 15 Days
  • Starting
  • MemberShip Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Skill level Basic to Advanced
  • Language English
  • Students 2000+
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

Master in Embedded Systems and Robotic with IoT is a Flagship course conducted by TechSim+, it’s an interesting course which prepares you as matured Embedded & IoT Engineer, and puts you in future track. It’s designed carefully to utilize the study period effectively and train you to the skills essentially required by an Embedded and IoT Engineer. During Training you will get components for Hands on Practical.

Learning Outcomes
  • Hands on Practical based Training.
  • Get Certified By IIT'S and NIT's.
  • Get Certified by TechSim+
  • Strong your practical Experience in Embedded System.
  • Make IOT Projects with ESP and Raspberry-Pi
  • Learn How to Connect Google Assistance with Your IOT Devices.
  • Get one Year Membership with TechSim+


  • Step - 1: Introduction of Embedded System
    • Introduction of Embedded System.
    • Why do we Embedded System?
    • Microcontroller Vs Microcontroller
    • Types of Microcontrollers
    • BASIC introduction of C
    • If, if else, for and while
    • Bitwise operators and logical operators
    • Array and String
  • Step - 2: Working with Arduino
    • Introduction to Arduino
    • Architecture of Arduino
    • Digital Input and output pins
    • Interfacing Output Devices with Arduino
    • Interfacing Input Devices With Arduino
    • Introduction of Serial Communication
    • Controlling Devices using Computer And Android Mobile Phone
  • Step - 3: Basic Electronics and Circuits
    • Voltage ,Current ,Resistance and Capacitance
    • Digital Logic and TTL Logic
    • Introduction of Multimeter
    • Power Supplies (Electrical and Batteries)
    • Switches using npn and pnp Relays
  • Step - 4: Introduction of Various Type of Sensor/Motor
    • IR Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • PIR, DHT11 Senso
    • LDR
    • Smoke Sensor
    • DC Motor,Stepper Motor and Servo Motor
  • Step - 5: Interfacing I/O Devices and Sensors with Arduino
    • IR Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Interfacing Led
    • Interfacing Digital Sensor
    • Interfacing Buzzer
    • Motor drive IC L293D
    • Interfacing Motor
    • Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
  • Step - 6: LCD Interfacing
    • Type of Lcd
    • Intro to LCD
    • Display character and string on LCD
    • Display digit on LCD.
    • Moving pattern on LCD
  • Step - 7: Introduction of Serial Communication
    • Intro to Serial Communication RS-232 Protocol.
    • Programming of Serial Communication
    • Controlling Device Using Serial Communication.
    • Interfacing Bluetooth
    • Interfacing RFID Reader
    • Controlling Devices using laptop and Mobile phone
  • Step - 8: Introduction of Relay
    • Intro to Relay
    • Working of Relay
    • Interfacing Relay with Arduino
    • Controlling home appliances using Arduino and Relay
  • Step - 9: Introduction of IOT
    • Introduction of IOT
    • Why do we need IoT?
    • Application of IOT
    • Devices and Sensors of IOT
  • Step - 10: Introduction of NodeMCU
    • Architecture of NodeMCU - ESP8266
    • Pin Mapping of ESP8266
    • First Code on ESP8266
    • Create Local Server by ESP8266
    • Send Data From ESP to Local Client Devices
    • Controlling LED from Your Mobile Browser
  • Step - 11: Advanced ESP8266 with Cloud
    • Code ESP8266 and Connect with WiFi Network
    • Interacting with Adafruit Cloud
    • Interact ESP with Adafruit Cloud
    • Send data from ESP to Cloud
  • Step - 12: Hands on Projects
    • Visitor Counter
    • Controlling Home Appliance using Android Phone
    • High Temperature Alarm
    • Voice Control Home Automation
    • Motion Detector using PIR Sensor
    • Collecting Sensor Data on Adafruit Cloud
    • Controlling Devices using Web page
    • Google Assistant Controlled Home Automation
    • Distance Measurement
    • Line Follower Robot
    • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
    • And Many More Project's...


Prateek Mishra
Co-Founder & Chief of TechSim+

Prateek is an entrepreneur and thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence deep-tech industries. He is a leading trainer with expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytic, Deep Learning, Python, Embedded and IOT, Julia Programming, Blockchain and Tableau. Prateek has Successfully conducted 200+ workshops.

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