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Core JAVA with Project - Bhopal

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Mr. Rahul Mathakari
JAVA and Android Trainer
Review: 2144
Core & Advanced JAVA


  • Lectures 65 - 75
  • Duration 140 Hours
  • MemberShip Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Skill level Basic to Advanced
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

Java is one of the top five programming languages, and is used for websites, embedded controllers, and Android app development. This is an introduction to get you started programming with Java-and the newly introduced JShell. Instructor will covers all the basics: data types, strings, arrays, loops, and functions. He helps you control the flow and logic of your code, and debug your project to make sure it runs perfectly. Then go a bit beyond the basics and learn advanced techniques such as encapsulation, inheritance, functional programming, and lambdas. Instructor challenges along the way to practice your new skills. This 140-hour course is perfect for developers who need to get up to speed with Java fast, as well as for beginning programmers who want their first taste of this popular language.

Learning Outcomes
  • Downloading Java and choosing an IDE
  • Understanding Java basics: data types, strings, arrays, and more
  • Controlling flow with functions and loops
  • Debugging
  • Working with inheritance and interfaces
  • Learning lambda & More....


  • Step - 1: Introduction of JAVA
  • Step - 2: Variables and Data Types
  • Step - 3: Conditional Statement
  • Step - 4: Iterative Statement
  • Step - 5: Arrays in JAVA
  • Step - 6: Understanding Class and Objects
  • Step - 7: This reference
  • Step - 8: Concept of Static
  • Step - 9: Inheritance
  • Step - 10: Polymorphism
  • Step - 11: Abstract
  • Step - 12: Understanding Final
  • Step - 13: Interface
  • Step - 14: Packages
  • Step - 15: Exception Handling
  • Step - 16: Multithreading
  • Step - 17: String Handling
  • Step - 18: Swing and AWT
  • Step - 19: Generics
  • Step - 20: Wrapper classes & Collection Framework
  • Step - 21: Understanding Streams and File Handling
  • Step - 22: Serialization
  • Step - 23: Lambda Expressions
  • Step - 24: Enum
  • Step - 25: Handling Dates & Reflection api
  • Step - 26: Conclusion


Mr. Rahul Mathakari
JAVA and Android Trainer

Rahul Mathakari is the senior trainer and well known for hisapproach of unfolding the deep concepts of programminglanguages. He has worked for reputed training institutes for 7years in multiple cities. He is former faculty of SCA Bhopal,Softcian Indore , Jspider , Ascent Bangalore. He had alsoworked with Bansal group Bhopal. He Trained 5000+ students in JAVA and Other Technologies.


2144 Review

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  1. Akash

    Nice, Training,,,

  2. Sakshi Shukla

    Fantastic experience with trainers.....like the way they teach.

  3. Prashuk Jain

    It is the best place to learn java with complete development in bhopal.

  4. Gaurav Kumar

    Good speed. Explanation is very good.. Good behaviour...

  5. kamna mishra

    awesome knowledge gaining platform, i've got here...Must say best training experience i've ever got.u all should join

  6. Abhinav Gupta

    Nice training center. Instructor is nice. Course pattern is nice. Projects are nice.

  7. Ashu

    I joined here for Java course and I was satisfied after the completion of course.

  8. Avinash kumar

    I have got lot of experiences... Thank u sir.

  9. Narayan vishwkarma

    Such a nice experience! Thank you so much sir

  10. poonam pal

    The way of teaching and explanation was very clear...and practical session was amazing.

  11. Jay Dodwe

    Good place for Industrial training. Very supportive Faculties.

  12. Rahul yadav

    I have completed a Core Java training program in this institute, and I got to learn a lot here. This is a great institute for technical topics. Anyone who want to learn something new and technical can join this institute. Thanks....

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