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Core + Advanced Python with Django (Web Development) - Bhopal

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Miss. Nikita Choudhary
Python - ML Trainer
Review: 3085
Python Courses


  • Lectures 35 - 45
  • Duration 45 Days
  • MemberShip Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Skill level Beginner to Advanced
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

Python has been one of the premier, flexible, and powerful open-source language that is easy to learn, easy to use, and has powerful libraries for data manipulation and analysis. For over a decade, Python has been used in scientific computing and highly quantitative domains such as finance, oil and gas, physics, and signal processing. The training is a step by step guide to Python and Django (Web Development) with extensive hands on. The course is packed with several activity problems and assignments and scenarios that help you gain practical experience. At the end of this training you will be master in Python and Web Development with Django.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by a Python Developer.
  • Get Certified By IIT'S and NIT's.
  • Work on Real Projects.
  • Training based Hands on Practical and Projects
  • Get one year Membership with TechSim+
  • Placement Opportunity in Core Python Companies


  • Step - 1: Python Basic
  • Step - 2: Python Syntax
  • Step - 3: Python Data Types: List
  • Step - 4: Making Decisions If Statements
  • Step - 5: Loop Control
  • Step - 6: Iterators
  • Step - 7: File I/O
  • Step - 8: Classes and Objects
  • Step - 9: Error Handling
  • Step - 10: Date & Time module
  • Step - 11: OS module
  • Step - 12: Introduction to Django Web Framework
  • Step - 13: Creating A Project
  • Step - 14: Admin Interface
  • Step - 15: Apps Life Cycle
  • Step - 16: Simple Views
  • Step - 17: URL Mapping
  • Step - 18: Template System
  • Step - 19: Models
  • Step - 20: Form Processing
  • Step - 21: Sessions
  • Step - 22: Sending Email
  • Step - 23: Hands On/Demo :
  • Step - 24: Make Complete E-Commerce Project


Miss. Nikita Choudhary
Python - ML Trainer

Nikita have a very vibrant and dynamic personality with great teaching skills. She had worked in a number of industrial project and hence have a very good knowledge of the current demand of recruiters. She have very good teaching skills that helps students to gain interest in the topic.


3085 Review

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  1. shivani

    I liked the training. All the topics are covered and a complete fresher who knows nothing can learn everything by the end of the course. Teaching quality is amazing and awesome. Faculty has got in-depth knowledge in Python . Every example was shown live. I don't know Python at the beginning of the course but right now I am confident of attending an interview. There is no negative impression from my side. I will definitely recommend my friends to join techsim+

  2. Bharti Tomar

    Best place for learning website designing and development. And also the best for software development.

  3. akash kumar

    Best teachers best nature they have and good atmosphere..

  4. atul kumar


  5. Leena Pardhi

    owwsm training center..

  6. Mohd Noman

    Good place for practical learning.

  7. Satish kumar

    It is the best to learn the advance python really it is our opportunity to learn python it is an ossom experience with prateek Mishra sir Thankin you sir for that

  8. gyanendra patel

    t's a oooosome institute to gain advance technology. And this institute has expert trainers .one of them is Mr. prateek mishra sir .who teach you with advanced Python and many more technologies

  9. Manish Singh

    Excellent training center, if anyone learn Python then come...... it is best training center in Bhopal........

  10. Shubham Nagayach

    A good environment for learning in techsimplus ,a sensible trainer who learn me basic python .its great experience for as a student of prateek sir;

  11. Deepak Kumar

    Excellent place for Training and Learning about python & web development. It's help me to create my own project for getting valuable knowledge. I want to wish thanks to Prateek Mishra sir for your dedicated hardwork for us

  12. Apoorva Tripathi

    Such a wonderful experience to be a part of techsim family. Each and every things regarding our training and all other details are explain in such a good manners,so supporting staff and specially thanks to Prateek sir for his wonderful support during training.

  13. prasanjeet biswas

    as a Programming language python is growing as a wild fire so it's good to work with python. with Prateek sir we really learn a lot we worked on a e-commerce Website. If you want to learn real technologies, Join TechSim+. It's best place for every studen

  14. Azad kumar

    This training center is provide the best training of python

  15. Vipin paliwal

    Awesome place for learn all the new technology.

  16. Nitisha Agrawal

    It was a nice experience with Prateek Sir.. I learned a lot on python

  17. Aaarish qurashi

    Good place for learning python I would recommend this institute for learning python "Prateek Mishra " sir is very experienced trainer and very good learning experience

  18. Dimple ahire

    Such a wonderful workshop and more things are learnt about the python. Sir ur teaching way very nice.... 😊

  19. Deepak Kumar

    Best institute of python Training . Trainer "PRATEEK MISHRA" Is very skilled Experts and practical knowledge training he have provided was really awesome. I will recommend this Training Institute for Python course at M. P Nagar Bhopal.

  20. Anshuman singh

    For beginners it's a nice place to learn the basics of Technology. The teaching faculty is good and also cooperative which enables a learner to feel free and progress.

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