Data Analytics and Machine Learning with Python

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Prateek Mishra
Co-Founder & Chief of TechSim+
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  • Lectures 30
  • Duration 30 Days
  • Starting
  • MemberShip Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Skill level Basic to Advanced
  • Language English
  • Students 800
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

Data Analytic and Machine Learning Certification Training using Python helps you gain expertise in various machine learning algorithms such as regression, Classification, clustering, decision trees, random forest, Naïve Bayes K-NN and More. This Machine Learning using Python Training exposes you to concepts of Statistics, Time Series and different classes of machine learning algorithms like supervised, unsupervised algorithms. In This training you will work different Python Library like Pandas, Matplotlib, Sklearn, Numpy, Selenium, and OpenCV.

Learning Outcomes
  • Hands on Practical based Training.
  • Get Placement Opportunity in AI - ML Companies.
  • Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of Data Science with Python.
  • TechSim+ certifies you in Data Analytic and Machine Learning with Python
  • Get Certified by IIT's and NIT's
  • Get one Year Membership with TechSim+.
  • Make different Types of Projects during Training


  • Step - 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
    • What is ML?
    • Applications of ML
    • Why Machine Learning is the Future
    • Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • Types of ML, AI, and Deep Learning
    • Introduction and a brief history of AI
    • Demo: AI Solution 1 and Solution 2
    • Installing Python and Anaconda (MAC & Windows)
  • Step - 2: Python: Environment Setup and Essentials
    • Introduction to Anaconda
    • Jupyter Notebook Introduction
    • Installing Packages
    • Lists, Tuple ,Dictionaries
    • Conditional Statements
    • Looping, Control Statements
    • Functions
  • Step - 3: Data Visualisation and play with Python Libraries
    • Introduction to Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy
    • Data Structures & Data Frame,
    • Pandas File Read and Write Support
    • Plot a Line, Legends and Labels
    • Plot Different type of Charts and Histograms
    • Loading data from files
    • 3D Graphs
    • Selection, Filtering, Combining and Merging Data Frames
  • Step - 4: Browser Automation and Data Scrapping
    • Introduction to Web drive
    • Guide to install Web driver
    • Accessing Forms in Web driver
    • Accessing Links and Table content in Web driver
    • Automation of Facebook and Indeed
    • Data Analysis of Indeed Data
  • Step - 5: Classification Techniques
    • Introduction of Classification
    • Loading MNIST Data Sets
    • Visualization of Hand Written Digits
    • Training a Binary Classification
    • Multiclass Classification
    • Naive Bayes Classifier
  • Step - 6: Evaluation and improvement techniques of Classification Models
    • Accuracy measurement of classifiers
    • Confusion Matrix
    • Precision, Recall
    • N-fold cross validation
  • Step - 7: Training Models and Regression Techniques
    • Types of learning
    • Training and Testing Data
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Apply Regression on Bank_Loan Datasets
    • Logistic Regression
    • Digit Recognition using Logistic Regression
  • Step - 8: Comprehensive Classification Models
    • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    • K-Nearest Neighbors (K-NN)
    • Decision Tree Classification
    • Training and Visualizing a Decision Tree
    • Random Forests and Extremely Random Forests?
    • Implementation of the above models for real-world Dataset.
  • Step - 9: Unsupervised Learning and Clustering
    • What is Un-Supervised Learning?
    • Clustering data with K-Means algorithm
    • Mean Shift algorithm
    • Gaussian Mixture Models?
    • Making N Number of Cluster
    • Make different types of Category
  • Step - 10: Image Processing and Face Detection
    • What is OpenCV?
    • What is Image Processing.
    • Loading Video Source
    • Writing on Image
    • Image Arithmetic’s and Logic
    • Detecting Face and Eye
    • Training a Model with Your Face
    • Matching your Face
  • Step - 11: Make Chat Bot by Google
    • What is Google dialogflow.
    • How it works.
    • How to Train Pre Builded Agent with your Data
    • Create New Agents to Interact with You.
    • Get API and Write Python Script for your Agent
    • Create ChatBot Completely
    • Voice Chatting with your Chatbot
  • Step - 12: Hands on Projects
    • Plotting different type of charts on Real data
    • Send Message to all your Facebook Friends
    • Real Time Classify Hand Written Digits
    • Predict Interest Rate on Loan
    • Analysis of Data Science Jobs Postings From Indeed | Web Scraping Selenium
    • Building Movie or YouTube Video Recommender System
    • Face Detection System


Prateek Mishra
Co-Founder & Chief of TechSim+

Prateek is an entrepreneur and thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence deep-tech industries. He is a leading trainer with expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytic, Deep Learning, Python, Embedded and IOT, Julia Programming, Blockchain and Tableau. Prateek has Successfully conducted 200+ workshops.

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