Get a Chance to Visit IIT Kanpur

A chance to explore the prestigious IIT Kanpur campus and get an experience that goes beyond textbooks and into the heart of groundbreaking research.

Perks & Incentives

Claim Your Stylish Smartwatch as a token of Excellence!

Internship Opportunities with stipend of INR 8,000

Goodies and Welcome Kit From TechSimPlus Learnings

Certificate of Appriciation

Work with TechSimPlus Team
On Different Projects

Mock Interviews
By Industry Leaders

What will you do ?

Be the face of TechSimPlus Learnings

Actively promote and encourage participation in various courses.

Increasing Awareness on campus and networking with like minded individuals.

Actively promote and amplify the TechSimPlus social media handles, engaging the audience with compelling content.

Organize Workshops, Events and get sponsored by TechSimPlus.

organize dynamic workshops and events, powered by TechSimPlus sponsorships.

Collaborations with College Community and TechSimPlus

Enable networking opportunities to connect individuals for valuable interactions and collaborations.

Displaying posters sent by TechSimPlus on your college noticeboard and WhatsApp Groups.

We will share the posters of our events and courses. You have to share those materials in your groups.

Apply for TechSimPlus Campus Ambassador Program




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