Supercharge your web development skills with our Frontend Development with React.js and Next.js course! From component-based development to server-side rendering, this

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Master the art of building highly dynamic, lightning-fast, and SEO-friendly React apps with our

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Explore the incredible world of React.js, the leading JavaScript library for building modern and reactive web interfaces. This comprehensive course takes you on a step-by-step journey, covering all the fundamental concepts while diving into advanced techniques. Get hands-on experience by building multiple projects using

React, Redux, React Hooks, React-Router

, and more.

Discover the game-changing power of Next.js , a higher-level framework built on React. Experience a paradigm shift in web application development as Next.js introduces

server-side rendering and page pre-rendering

. With Next.js, crafting exceptional user experiences and SEO-friendly React apps becomes effortlessly achievable.
    This course goes beyond the basics, covering advanced topics such as file upload, authentication, authorization, and diverse deployment methods.

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What you'll learn

This curriculum designed by Industry expert for you to become a next industry expert. Here you will not only learn, you will implement your learnings in real time projects.

HTML, CSS and JS: Building the Foundation
1 Week

Welcome to the world of frontend development! Join us on an exciting journey through React.js, powerful frameworks that transform web app development.

But first, let's establish a solid foundation with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Let's get started!

HTML - The Structure of the Web

Discover the core language that gives structure to web content and lays the foundation for all web development.

Structure and syntax of HTML

HTML tags, elements, and attributes

Creating headings, paragraphs, lists and adding links and images.

Using HTML5 semantic elements (header, nav, section, article, footer)

CSS - Adding Style and Beauty

Enhance the visual appeal of your web pages using CSS, the language that brings life and style to HTML elements.

CSS syntax and selectors

Styling text, colors, backgrounds, and borders

Working with margins, padding, and box model

CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid for layout creation

Creating responsive layouts with media queries

Introduction to CSS preprocessors (e.g., Sass, Less)

JavaScript - The Dynamic Force

Unleash the power of JavaScript, the programming language that enables interactivity and dynamism in web development.

Basic Javascript: Variables | Data Types | Operators | Controls | Functions

Understanding the Document Object Model (DOM)

Handling events and event listeners

Working with forms and form validation

Introduction to asynchronous programming

Making AJAX requests with JavaScript (XMLHttpRequest, Fetch API)

Promises and async/await for asynchronous operations.

You have gained a solid foundation in JavaScript, as well as HTML and CSS.

Installation and Setup For React JS and Next JS
1 Day

Before diving into React.js and Next.js, let's set up our development environment.

Node.js Installation:

Install Node.js, a JavaScript runtime, to run JavaScript on your machine.

Ensure you have the latest stable version of Node.js installed.

Create a New React.js Project:

Use the Create React App Command to set up a new React.js project.

Initialize a Next.js Project:

Use the Next.js CLI to initialize a new Next.js project.

Follow the prompts to configure your project settings.

Folder Structure:

Understand the recommended folder structure for React.js and Next.js projects.

Organize your files and directories accordingly.

Development Server:

Start the development server to see your React.js or Next.js application in action.

Learn how to access your application in the browser and make changes in real-time.

React.js - Building Interactive User Interfaces
3 Weeks

Welcome to the section on React.js, where we dive into the world of building dynamic and interactive user interfaces using this powerful JavaScript library.

Get ready to harness the full potential of React.js and create seamless and engaging web applications.

React Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental concepts of React.js and start building your first React components.

What is React.js and its Significance?

Advantages of React.js in Modern Web Development

JSX: The Power of Declarative Syntax

Components: Building Blocks of React Applications

Props and State: Managing Data and UI in React

Handling Events in React

React Component Lifecycle and Hooks

Understand the lifecycle of React components and leverage lifecycle methods for optimized application behavior.

Understanding the Component Lifecycle

Mounting, Updating, and Unmounting Phases

Lifecycle Methods: Hooks into Component Behavior

Hooks Types and Context API

Discover the power of React Hooks and Context API for managing state and sharing data in functional components.

Introduction to React Hooks

useState: Managing State in Functional Components

useEffect: Performing Side Effects in React

useContext: Simplifying Context Usage.

Global State Management with Redux

Master the art of state management in complex React applications using Redux.

Introduction to State Management

Principles of Redux

Setting Up Redux in React Applications

Actions, Reducers, and the Store

Connecting Redux to React Components

Building Reusable UI Components and Optimizing Performance in React

Explore techniques and best practices for optimizing the performance of your React applications.

Create Resuable componets

Memoization and React.memo

useCallback and useMemo Hooks

Code Splitting and Lazy Loading.

Now, you're well-equipped to create stunning and interactive web experiences using React.js.

Next.js - Taking Web Development to the Next Level
3 Weeks

Next.js is a powerful framework that simplifies server-side rendering and adds advanced features to React applications.

Server-Side Rendering with Next.js

Achieve faster initial page loads and improved SEO by implementing server-side rendering in Next.js.

Understand the benefits of server-side rendering (SSR) and its impact on performance and SEO.

Learn how to set up and configure server-side rendering in Next.js.

Explore the getServerSideProps function for fetching data on the server-side.

Implement server-side rendering to provide faster initial page loads and improved SEO.

Dynamic Routing and Data Fetching:

Create personalized and dynamic web pages by implementing dynamic routing and fetching data in Next.js.

Implement dynamic routing in Next.js

Use Next.js dynamic routes to handle dynamic parameters in the URL.

Fetch data from APIs or external sources using Next.js data fetching methods.

Create dynamic pages that display content based on user input or fetched data.

API Routes and Serverless Functions:

Build custom server endpoints and serverless functions to handle requests and process data in Next.js.

Discover the power of Next.js API routes for creating custom server endpoints.

Implement serverless functions using API routes to handle requests.

Build RESTful APIs endpoints within your Next.js application.

Create backend functionality and handle data processing with serverless functions.

Deploying Next.js Applications:

Explore different deployment options and optimize your Next.js application for performance and scalability.

Understand different deployment options for Next.js applications.

Deploy your Next.js application to platforms like AWS Cloud or Heroku.

Optimize your application for performance and scalability during the deployment process.

You have gained a solid understanding of React.js and Next.js, two powerful tools for building modern web applications.

Now, go forth and bring your ideas to life using React.js and Next.js.

Coding Made Exciting: Inspiring Projects for Student Innovators
2 Weeks

Get ready to supercharge your Frontend Development journey with a collection of exciting and practical project ideas.

Personal Expense Tracker: "SpendSmart"

Create an expense tracker application that allows users to track their daily expenses, categorize them, and visualize their spending patterns.

Recipe Sharing Application: "TastyBites"

Build a recipe sharing platform that allows users to create, search, and share their favorite recipes. Include features such as recipe creation, ingredient lists, preparation steps, image uploads, rating system, recipe search, and user comments.

Travel Planner: "TripEase"

Develop a travel planner application that assists users in planning their trips. Include features such as destination search and recommendations and itinerary creation.

Project Management Tool:"TaskMaster"

Create a project management tool that helps teams collaborate and organize their tasks. Include features such as task assignment, progress tracking and file sharing

Music Player: "HarmonyHub: Your Melodic Oasis"

Develop a music player application that allows users to upload, organize, and play their music collection. Include features like playlists, album artwork display, and audio controls.

"Your ideas matter to us! We welcome captivating project suggestions to enhance our training.

Let's collaborate on creating an engaging and impactful learning experience that brings your ideas to life and develops valuable skills.

Technologies You Will Master Hands-On

During this program you will learn some most demanding technologies. We will develop some real time projects with the help of these technologies.








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How long is the course, and what is the learning format?

The course duration can vary depending on the format chosen, such as full-time, part-time, or online. Typically, the course is conducted over a period of weeks or months with a specified number of hours per week.

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that demonstrates your proficiency in this course

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The course is typically instructor-led, with structured lessons and hands-on exercises. However, the specific format may vary depending on the learning platform or institution offering the course.

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Absolutely! This course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced developers. We start with the fundamentals and gradually progress to more advanced topics.