Learn the fundamentals of IoT with ESP, Raspberry Pi, and AWS Cloud and build IoT solutions from scratch

This course is your all-in-one guide to understanding IoT. By the end, you'll grasp how IoT systems operate and gain the skills to craft your own projects with the Raspberry Pi .
You'll explore two key IoT platforms—Adafruit and ThingSpeak — and master the MQTT API for seamless integration into your projects.

We will develop many projects based on Arduino, ESP, and Raspberry Pi. We will integrate different sensors with IOT Devices and control them through the cloud.

Step into the fastest-growing field by joining us. Achieve your ambitions in the most sought-after industry.

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What you'll learn

This curriculum designed by Industry expert for you to become a next industry expert. Here you will not only learn, you will implement your learnings in real time projects.

Introduction to Embedded Systems, IOT, and Programming

Discover the essence of Embedded Systems and IoT, exploring real-life applications, microcontrollers like Arduino, and the versatility of Raspberry Pi in a hands-on approach.

Understanding Embedded Systems and IoT

What is Embedded System and why we need it ?

Introduction to IoT and its transformative impact on daily life

IoT's applications and Architecture.

Basics of Microcontrollers

Exploring the foundational concepts of microcontrollers

Difference b/w Micro Controller & Micro Processor

Overview of popular microcontrollers and Modules with a focus on their role in Embedded Systems and IoT

Arduino Uno

ESP8266 WiFi Module


Raspberry Pi

Senors & Cloud

The Arduino Experience: Hands-On Learning

An accessible hands-on learning adventure for everyone, where creativity meets electronics through practical projects and coding with Arduino.

Introduction of Arduino

Understand the Architecture of Arduino

Digital and Analog inputs/outputs Pins

Arduino IDE Setup and basic Programming

Setting up the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Writing and Uploading first Arduino Program.

Introduction of Serial Communication

Interfacing Input/Output Devices with Arduino

Controlling Devices using Computer And Android Mobile Phone

For Each topics, we will do hands on practice by creating many programs which will help you to build your logics.

Interfacing I/O devices and sensors with arduino

Introduction of various type of sensor

Discover a range of sensors designed for specific data capture and IoT applications.

IR Sensor


Ultrasonic Sensor

DHT11 Sensor


Smoke Sensor

Interfacing i/o devices and sensors

IR Sensor

Interfacing Led

Digital Sensor


RFID & BT Module

Hands on Working with NodeMCU and MQTT Protocol

This practical experience empowers you to seamlessly connect and communicate with IoT devices, unlocking the potential of efficient data exchange and control in your projects.

Working with NodeMCU (ESP8266 WiFi Module)

Architecture of NodeMCU - ESP8266

First Code on ESP8266

Create Local Server by ESP8266

Send Data From ESP to Local Client Devices

Controlling LED from Your Mobile Browser

Code ESP8266 and Connect with WiFi Network

Send data from ESP to Cloud

Implementation MQTT Protocol

Introduction of MQTT Protocol

Publish Subscribe Architecture

Concept of Broker

Installing MQTT Protocol in NodeMcu

Run MQTT Protocol in ESP8266

Installing MQTT Protocol in Rpi

Controlling Devices Using MQTT Protocol

Introduction to Adafruit Cloud in IOT

This module is designed to introduce you to Adafruit Cloud, focusing on its integration with IoT devices, data visualization, API usage, and hands-on project implementation.

Understanding Adafruit Cloud

Explore the features and capabilities of Adafruit Cloud in IOT

The process of creating an Adafruit account

The steps to set up and configure Adafruit Cloud for IoT projects

ESP8266 Integration with Adafruit Cloud

Learn how to connect ESP8266 to Adafruit Cloud for data exchange.

Understand the protocols and methods supported by Adafruit Cloud

Data Visualization and Dashboards

Explore Adafruit Cloud's tools for visualizing and analyzing IOT data.

Create interactive dashboards to monitor and control connected devices.

Introduction of Adafruit Cloud API

Learn how to leverage the API to automate tasks and integrate with other services.

Smart Home Automation Project with Adafruit and ESP8266

Home Devices integration using Adafruit and ESP8266

Cloud-based control and monitoring with Adafruit IO.

Home automation logic and scheduling.

Integration with voice command platforms for enhanced usability.

This project provides a foundation for building a scalable and customizable home automation system using Adafruit and ESP8266, offering both practical and educational benefits.

Mastering Raspberry Pi: From Setup to IOT Integration

Unlock the full potential of Raspberry Pi, from setup to advanced IoT integration, offering a hands-on learning experience for diverse projects.

Working with Raspberry Pi

Understand the Architecture and Hardware specifications

Setting up Raspberry PI

Flashing the loading the SD card with the OS

Write first Code of RPi

Interface LED with Raspberry Pi

Interface Ultrasonic Sensor with Raspberry Pi

Node-red with RaspberryPI

Introduction to Node-red

Installing and setup Node-red

Node-Red Basic Commands. Input node, Output Node, Function Node ,Template etc

Sending and Receiving HTTP Request and Response Using NodeRed

Accepting Twitter post using Node Red

Introduction of Websocket

Chat application using Node Red

Reading sensor value using of room using node red(IOT)

Controlling Device using rpi3 and node red

Rpi web cam interfacing

Using a standard Rpi Web Cam

Setup a Raspberry Pi Webcam Server

Capture Images using Web Cam

Face and Eye Detection in captured Image

IOT Wonders: Hands-On Projects for Real Impact

Explore IoT wonders with hands-on projects. From smart plants to connected weather stations, dive into impactful, creative learning experiences

Connected Weather Station

Build a simple weather station using IoT, capturing real-time temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data.

Garage Door Monitor

Develop a system to remotely monitor and control the status of a garage door using IOT.

Smart Doorbell

Build a connected doorbell system with camera functionality and push notifications for arrivals.

Used Modules in Projects

Arduino Uno

ESP8266 WiFi Module


Raspberry Pi

Senors & AdaFruit Cloud

These hands-on projects blend simplicity with practicality, offering engaging learning experiences for an IoT course

Technologies You Will Master Hands-On

During this program you will learn some most demanding technologies. We will develop some real time projects with the help of these technologies.


Embedded C

















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